Voicing the picture

Voicing the picture 2

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The Canine relaxes after clearly rejecting the societally constructed boundaries,

if only it would be so for us…


Voicing the picture

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12032964_1090305820979619_843987707254900998_n“A photograph shouldn’t be just a picture, It should be a philosophy.”- Amit Kalantari

Bugs be the ones satisfied with what they’ve, they enjoy greenery while we enjoy green cards.

Sitting on the green plane, letting the sunlight invade his personal space, he smiles.The surrounding makes his life worth a while.

Perhaps, his day started so great with his sight full of green at least he is not waking up in an area filled with concrete.

The greenery feels so deep within, enriching one with peace. The harmony if we would allow to exist, the war would cease to exist.

Voicing the picture is something new that I am starting, In here, I will post some pictures and reflect my views upon it. Hope you all like it. 🙂