The Versatile bloggers award

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Thankyou Erika for nominating me for this challenge.

These are some things about me that I could think of while writing 😛

  1. I smile a lot and at times, it gets creepy.
  2. I cannot stop binging on desserts.
  3. I cannot say NO and I am trying hard to change that.
  4. I don’t like any kind of makeup, it makes me feel uncomfortable.
  5. I feel really happy and satisfied with my life right now. I’ve learnt the fact that the secret of life is to not strain yourself and to just enjoy what you are doing.
  6. I don’t like to watch TV, the set actually lives up to its name, The idiot box.
  7. This will be difficult to digest but I have no songs in my phone.
  8. I can turn a simple conversation into a philosophical banter without even trying. It comes naturally to me.
  9. All my wee tales are written in a bus.
  10. I am an overly optimistic person; I find it to be my most powerful weapon. I try to impose my optimism on people around but life taught me that this is something one can gain only by experience because experience taught me.  “Your adversities are your advantage; your past has built muscles not wounds.”

I am not nominating anyone. It is a boring task 😛