Month: January 2017

The Wee tales 48 

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​This 2017 even the ‘trump card’ will take you backwards. 


The Wee tales 47

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‘I’m glad you never listened to me’  he said after reading my published book

‘Thanks dad’

The Wee tales 46

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​He followed her day and night till she said yes, 

Little did she know that it was the beginning of the end.

The Wee tales 45

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​War is a monster which eats all the wealth and then shits death! 

Such wise returns on investments!

The Wee tales 44

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​Targeted the black, 

Felt the blues. 

Now hoping for the yellow to shine soon. 



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He captured my gaze with his deep mesmerizing eyes and I simply got drowned in them without the care of the world and later when I realized, I gave him a shy smile. He amusingly smiled back and we had our moment, the special moment of anticipated love and joy.

The next day,

I looked around again, aching for his hypnotizing gaze with desperation and the same anticipation. There was an unusual expectation that his one look will make my heart go crazy and brisk,

but when I saw him, my heart shattered up a bit as he was busy picking the inside of his nostrils and later devouring it.

#True story 😛