Month: June 2016

The Wee tales 36

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Meanwhile in Kairana, UP

“Heard you left the district 5years ago Sharma jee?”

“Oh did I, khan sahib?”

*see’s the list of forced migrants*

“Haha seems like you threaten me too much Khan saheb”

“Haha, I’ll leave now. Do come for Iftar this evening, no excuses”

“Yes yes, Just don’t kill me khan saheb”

“Haha sure, we will think about that”

They hug each other and leave


The Wee tales 35

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“Free Shots for everyone, My treat!” the bartender shouted

The Customers cheered.


“Free Shots for everyone, My treat!” Omar Mateen shouted,

The ISIS cheered.



My Inner Light

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Just like any other day, I walked into my yoga class; with little or no knowledge that I won’t walk out of the class as the same person, that I would be redefined in that period of one hour or so and that I would experience something beyond everything, something so surreal but yet so real.

Everything was same except the yoga teacher; she was new and really petite. As soon as I entered the hall, she held her tranquil gaze on me for more than what is considered average. I gave her a tight-lipped smile. She smiled back; her eyes were still firm on me, making me self-conscious.

She then asked me to relax and what a voice it was! So melodious! I was enthralled for a while but then I forced myself to concentrate. She started the Asana’s and we followed, her diction was a treat to my hearing senses. I was lost in the symphony of her words. She then asked us to proceed to Shavasana, one of the most popular yoga posture as we have to just lie down in it, but definitely one of the most effective. I lied down on my back, assuming myself to be completely relaxed.

But then her soothing voice asked us to consciously relax from our toes to our head, so relax that you stop feeling its presence and my body became the slave of her talks. It just got enveloped in an unusual but powerful energy full of relaxation and comfort, that I stopped feeling myself. It was pure consciousness of being without any feel of my body. It was so wonderful, I was in awe and I was thoughtless for once. Her voice was working as a musical therapy and I was just there listening. She then guided us to sit down in Sukhaasan(normal sitting posture) without opening our eyes, and my body obediently followed her instructions, still thoughtless.

As soon as I sat down, I felt something strike and it was all white, shining crystal white, like a diamond kept in sunlight. The brightness was intriguing, astonishing and captivating. It held me right there, away from the world, it made me realize that the vast ocean that needs to be explored is nowhere but inside. There were subsequent hypnotizing patterns, there were ripples, waves, circles and so much more. My eyes were closed but still it could feel the delightful burn from the blinding dazzle. I don’t know for how long I sat there without the feel of my body with just the bright light igniting me until there was an evident vibrating tap on my head and that is when the bright light faded and my body was awakened.

That was the moment of realization and ultimate bliss.  Slowly, I opened my eyes, and I could feel the fresh tears uncontrollably rolling down my eyes. I sat there transfixed, mesmerized and tongue-tied.

My teacher looked at me and smiled, “You felt it right?”

I nodded my  head with a subtle smile forming on my tear-stained  face, still confused about what I felt.

She came to me and wiped my tears and then, she surprisingly hugged me tight. I cried even more with bliss. It was so overwhelming, I had probably experienced my inner light which I never thought I had and it was so bright, It made me feel the immense potential that I have and the immense energy which is waiting to be tapped.

In my dazed blissful state,  the world around me felt beautiful, from the blowing breeze to the dancing trees. Everything was swaying with joy celebrating my inner tour; the birds around me were enthusiastically congratulating me by their harmonious chirping.

At that moment, I was totally in awe with the pleasure of existence.


The Lost Right

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Someday someone got married to a beautiful bride,

The bride later felt that her life had been destroyed, as her groom never showed any interest in her life,

So, one fine day she finally decided to confide,

Sadly, the confrontation didn’t give her the answers she expected rather it made her feel angry on her poorly designed fate or maybe herself. She couldn’t believe that her wedding was nothing but a safeguard in this homophobic domain…

But after the Orlando attack, she stopped cursing her fate and that is when she felt an undefined pain to be the widow of the dead man whom some fools had denied the sheer basic right of life.

The Wee tales 34

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Walking on the road, all tired and thirsty, my eyes fell on the heavenly Smoothie cafe, jumping out of happiness, I ran towards it,

There was a juice stall right next to it and it had a sign,

“Have a Smoothie, Be a fatty”

“Wow, they surely do have real smooth ways to gather customers”, I frowned and said while sipping on my low calorie mixed fruit juice.


The Old Man

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I was disturbed, devastated and confused. Nothing was making sense at that moment except for the old man, who I think was my angel in disguise.

He used to just sit there on the same bench every day surrounded by all the stray dogs of the street, probably of the other streets too. They just loved him, in this world, where they were habitual of being looked down upon; this man not only treated them well but also gave them love. He simply adored them. Not even a single dog missed the opportunity to be caressed by him. It was not just about the glucose biscuits he offered them; in fact, it was much more. Their love was evident. The fight for being his favorite was real. Every evening at 6pm, the dogs had a gathering near the bench with desperation in their eyes, waiting for unconditional love; waiting for the old man.

But then one fine day, the old man didn’t appear. It was around 7 and the dogs were still there, waiting, there was not even a sign of movement. There was a look of betrayal and abandonment in their almost drooped eyes. It was so overwhelming and painful to look at; I couldn’t help but buy some biscuits to serve them. I kept few glucose biscuits down in a hope that they will eat it but still no movement. In their mourning, I was uninvited -not even acknowledged. So, I tried to feed one of them in their mouth but he vehemently resisted, the look he gave me clearly said that he doesn’t want me or a biscuit as a consolation prize; he just wanted the old man.

I didn’t have him, so I reluctantly turned my back ready to leave, still feeling sorry, and then suddenly the dogs started barking. I looked behind and there the old man stood covered with dogs by all his sides, some were jumping on him, some were barking demanding an answer for his absence. The sight was worth everything. It was a scene of pure love and hearty get-together. With an involuntary smile, I marched towards the old man.

“Where were you, uncle? They were desperately waiting for you; they didn’t even eat the biscuits I offered them”

“I know Beta! My son succumbed himself to the god this morning, so was busy with all the processions. As soon as I came back home, I rushed here knowing that my other sons will be waiting for me”

I stood there speechless. My limited social skills didn’t guide me towards the appropriate reactions needed in such a situation. My judgmental self was trying to search a glimpse of grief, an aura of denial, a tinge of loss and a look of pain on his face, but there was none. There was just acceptance and immense love for his sons, the one who unfortunately died and the ones who were still licking and jumping on him.

Then finally, after an awkward few seconds, I gave him a small smile and nodded in understanding and maybe, a little sympathy.

He smiled back and called me near him. I obliged and walked towards him between the dogs. He then bowed down to pick up one of the biscuits and asked me to feed them and this time, they happily ate from my hands.

I cannot comprehend what I felt at that moment; it was not just a feeling but an experience of purity, love and power. The purity, love, and power of the old man, who cared enough for these dogs to come back during his period of grief and loss with sheer acceptance of reality.

I looked at him and smiled. He lovingly patted my head. It was probably the best blessing I’ve received in my life and then he asked, “Are you fine beta?”

“Never been better!” I said with a smile and left waving him a goodbye.

And that is when I realized that life keeps giving you something every moment, you should just be receptive enough to take it and suffice to say, after the incident, I just forgot everything that was troubling me.

Thank you old man 🙂