Month: April 2016

Our luxury or their lives?

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We live in an unequal world. While some have more than they can utilize, the others don’t even have enough to survive.

If we are even a little aware of the situation around us, we know that parts of our country are suffering from serious drought crisis from past four consecutive years. This year, the situation seems even graver as the water levels in most of the major dams have fallen below 3%.

I got to know about all this, just through newspapers and other media sources as water supply is fully fledged at my place, 24 hours and 7 days, no cuts, no shortages, there is nothing to worry for me. After all, living in urban area has its perks. I could shower for hours, leave my tap open, use excessive water for basic cleanliness and still have enough for the next day or possibly the next year. Why should I even bother about this problem? It’s certainly not mine.

Yes I do pity those who are committing suicide in far off land and feel sorry for those who have migrated to cities in search of water just to sleep on pavements in this scorching summer.  But then, I can’t help it, the government is to be held responsible. They should have taken proper measures. They were aware of the probable situation months before from now. The situation wouldn’t be such if they would have carried out rain water harvesting or would have curbed the excessive supply of water to the sugar factories owned by the political giant’s kin. They could have done something, just not cutting my share of unlimited water supply.

I was climbing down the stairs and I saw one of the flat people throwing a bucketful of water on the stairs. It was such an usual act, why to use a mop or something to clean and when you can just dump a whole bucket of water just like that. The man following behind me tried to question the woman’s act who seemed to be quite puzzled, why is some random man asking her to optimally use something which is unlimited in supply? She didn’t understand his argument. For her, it was baseless.

For me too, why would we not spend it, if we have it? We obviously won’t take any conscious effort to help those in need, why should we even? We don’t even bother about the significant impact that our little insignificant individual lifestyle changes can bring. We just can’t bring any inconvenience in our life by thinking that our water saving can end up saving some farmers lives living in interior parts of eastern Maharashtra.

We might think about it, only when we are charged for it perhaps. When we are asked to shell out extra for that extra litre of water, we will end up utilizing it just how we optimally utilize that Rs15 Bisleri bottle, but mind you; we wouldn’t even accept that without a rebel, we might even come on streets.

Well, such instances will have a direct impact on us, so our thriftiness will be justified but it will so not be for the benefit of others.  Only if, we would have more empathy within us, to understand their predicament but as they say, “You will not value water until your own well runs dry.”



The Story

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She catches herself in the mirror off guard, Twinkling eyes and a soft smile.  Surprised by herself, she starts reminiscing. Little did she know a year ago that she could get back. She had lost all the hopes from life, drowning herself into her own pool of misery. Broken from the world and shattered from within. She didn’t even realize how everything started to get fine. It just happened the day she decided to find solace within herself. People came and gave advice, sent her quotes and made her feel obliged to feel fine but the reality was such that, she could only be fine when she was actually ready to be fine. She accepted that mourning surely did some good to her; it made her realize the value of her smile and the happiness that was bubbling inside. She knew that this feeling was worth fighting for with everything.

It was a long journey, people might say, it was just a year but only she knew how longer that one year felt. How ironic it is when you are all gleeful, the time flies like never before and when you are moping, the time seems to stop. Minutes seem like hours and days like months. You are all smiling on the outside but somewhere something feels dead inside, some spark which seems impossible to find. She remembers frantically working all the time, just to avoid the emptiness inside and the nagging feeling which was continuously questioning her self esteem.

It was certainly a hard time, the persistent unintentional comparison of her own down trodden life with the visible good parts of others life, she didn’t care to think that even others might be going through something, after all everybody has their lives divided into two distinct fragments, one which they proudly show off to the world and the other which they skilfully hide. However, she now believes that nothing is wrong in opening up and showing herself as her experience might help some other poor self suffering from the same predicament.

So she opens up her diary and starts to write, her story which has been left unsaid ever since…but the question is will she ever have enough courage to share it?