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The Wee tales 30

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“I am not losing weight” she cribbed

“You’re not even trying” he smirked eyeing her donut


Tuesdays with Morrie- The book I fell in love with…

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This book holds a sentimental value for me, I don’t know for what exact reason but it has some kind of purity, it has the words coming out of a beautiful soul. I don’t know Morrie personally but I feel as if I know him completely, as if he is a part of me now. He is speaking with such sincerity and optimism right there on his deathbed, trying to be close to as many people as possible. He just wants to take as much possible by giving more than he could have in such a state. A person full of love, so much love and tenderness. Each and every touch is so important for him, each and every little thing makes him so superfluously happy. He was thoroughly a people’s person. A person for the people more likely.

I sometimes wish to know him personally, sit with him like Mitch and just talk, talk about everything that I’ve in me, its plain stupid but then that’s how it is.

The cover of this book is exceptionally ordinary, with a maroon border and pale yellow skin. In stark contrast with what is presented inside.It reflects a very unusual overwhelming student teacher relationship reminding us of some special things we have learnt from our educational institutions that would never escape our minds. By the end, the reader is certain of Morrie’s death, and it obviously evokes many emotions. The story is made all the more special with the lessons that the dying man teaches the author and from the chapters of his own experiences.

It is that book which will stay with you for life! It will be that book which you will mark with markers and pencils, just to read the beautiful words by a beautiful man again and again. ❤

Um,Just a little Help?

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I have been away from keyboard for so long…and I miss writing so much. I sat today to write something, something nice of course but I couldn’t write anything. I never actually have a plot or an idea in my mind when I write. I just write whatever is in my mind and then edit it to make something out of nothing but today, I am just failing miserably. I even tried to create some silly plot and write it down but no, no good outcome. This is creating some irrational fear in mind, it’s maybe my paranoia or maybe the reality I am so not ready to accept. I just feel that I have lost my so called ‘thing’ in writing. Earlier, till September I guess, I was really regular with my posts. I used to write about everything and anything that would pop in my mind, now even if I forcefully bring something in my mind, I just cannot write about it the way I want. I miss writing stories and abstract articles. I don’t know what to do, can any of you help me?…to regain the tad bit of creativity that I had?

The Wee tales 29

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In the lone glory she had a victorious smile,

It was now that she had realized what the power of ‘You’ meant to life.