Makau’s and their research- Part 1

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People on Earth think that I keep daydreaming but they have no idea about what I actually do. They don’t know that I have my very own little world inside my brain which I need to manage and control daily. Only 5 species on earth as of now have this power, the power to control the miniature world inside their brain. All five of us are living in different time zones, so if one sleeps, the other one operates and so on. We adjust our working timings accordingly just like the Forex markets. We live on Earth acting as humans because we need water for functioning; the water that we drink supplies enough water for our whole world to survive. We have a system where we can multiply the amount of our water intake in accordance with the demand of water in our world. It is an expensive procedure, not at all cost friendly.

This world in our mind is currently operational in the Kuiper Belt, The Makemake planet. The inhabitants of Makemake are called as Makau. Makau’s are the smarter version of human beings, they are highly advanced technologically. So advance, that they visit Earth sometimes for vacations but for that, they have to go through rigorous training and selection procedures. We carry these training sessions to make sure that Makau’s don’t get influenced by humans. Humans are busy destroying their race, we wouldn’t want Makau’s to do the same.

Today was the last day of the training procedure and we have selected 3 Makau’s who can visit Earth. They will be arriving any moment now. This time the purpose of Makau’s is not just vacation but research. They want to research the minds of human beings to exploit it for their own benefits. The hypothesis provided by these 3 Makau’s is quite impressive. It states that Human brains are way too gullible and can be lured to do anything.

The Makau’s are hinting their presence to us that means they are here. They have landed in the Pacific Ocean around the Mariana trench. They have an obsession with water as they don’t have it in their planet. The humans are so lucky but they don’t realize it and that is why they keep wasting their resources.

I have signaled the Makau’s to reach our headquarters. They have arrived now, disguised as humans but their feet are still different from that of humans, it is rotated. The humans will find it outrigtly creepy as they cannot accept anything different from them, not even color.

The Makau’s are now narrating their action plan; they are planning to shrink their size to get inside the human mind. They will then try to tweak the human behavior just to see how well will it work. If it works, then they will use humans to destroy humans so as to capture the sacred and the resourceful planet earth. The Makau’s cannot kill humans on their own because their body punishes them for each destructive activity. It is a form of bodily enforced self punishment.

The Makau’s have randomly chosen three people right now for their research; they used the stolen social media database for this purpose. These three people belong to different age, sex and location. One is a young man from India; the other one is a woman from San Francisco and the last one is a slightly older man from Middle East.

All three Makau’s have chosen their respective Guinea pigs or test subjects. They will be injecting themselves inside their brains tomorrow.

To be continued…


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    Makau’s and their research- Part 2 « Toodletales- said:
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    […] To read Part 1- Makau’s and their research- Part 1 […]

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    AdiC said:
    September 11, 2015 at 6:54 am

    Very interesting! I’m waiting for more 😉

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