Month: August 2015

The Wee tales 15

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He was just lying beside me all quite and breathless. I could feel his eyes on me every now and then. Being all still, I was trying to avoid his look which will make me feel all cheap but when the lightning stroke outside it compelled both of us to look into each others eyes and then the thunderous sound that followed reminded me to stay away from this man who was electrifying me from inside.

“Well, falling in love with my customer was after all not a part of my job profile.”


The jack of all or The master of one?

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Everything was so distorted but yet so normal that time. It didn’t seem wrong as I didn’t know what was right but then I found you and you made me realize what focus feels like. Your attainment helped me find some clarity in my life and striving for you made me feel so enthusiastic and energetic at the same time. There is clear vision, a sight which I want to cherish all my life. People call you ‘Aim’ or ‘Goal’ but for me, you’re the ultimatum, the destination where I will get the power to be myself and the power to bring about a change.

The path seems tricky but then that makes it fulfilling. It is way too lucid for my mind. I like feeling this way but then, somewhere I miss the adrenaline rush to do something new. To see other paths and visit a few, but then, there is a fear, what if my clarity diminishes? What if I never find a way to get back? What if the running time leaves me behind flowing ahead with the goal of my life? Will I be able to chase it? All these questions bombard inside and make me decide to stay on the safer side until I reach there, the starting path of my dream life.

I can’t help but wonder at times, what would life be like, if I would have the super natural power of doing various things at the same time without compromising on any at any point of time. This thought seems so enchanting and attractive but then, maybe, I will get so busy that I will end up forgetting myself in the midst of doing things. I won’t be able to cherish any achievement or anything because I will know, there is always a possibility of more and more.

Whoever made us is smart in many ways; he thought through and made us this way, where we can either be the jack of all traits or the master of one.