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Tolerating the Intolerant

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Marriage made both of them sacrifice. Their frequencies didn’t match still they tolerated each other for a long time and then one fine day, the husband met someone of his own kind. His heart failed to listen to his mind. Her eyes, her smile and her voice moved like a movie inside. How much ever he tried he couldn’t control her entry into his mind, she used to come anytime without any warning or signs which made him involuntary smile.

His wife detected something wrong in him; she tried to figure it out on her own will.

“What is it that makes him so happy?” she wondered.

Following and spying on him made her realize his attraction for some other woman. Surprisingly, she was neither angry nor sad; she just felt empty and blank. Over analysing the situation made her feel victimized. She knew that he was not her soul mate or for that matter even a mate but regardless she was ready to compromise her life and her happiness in the name of the marriage.

Their parents set them up together, fate tied them up together and they were thrown into this together so why should she be the only one to suffer? Along with all of this, how could she forget that this marriage also forced her to leave her studies and it brutally snatched her dreams trapping her inside this meaningless relationship. Also, the huge sum of dowry he took how can he justify it with his behavioural outlook? She knew that her worthiness was much more than the regular abuses he gave her.

Her head was pounding calculating all the sacrifices and compromises she made. She didn’t know what to do now, she felt as if she should stand up for herself now at least, to fight for what she wants and what she deserves. She never wanted such a life with an unfaithful husband and shattered dreams.

“I will not let this issue go this time, I will stand up and fight for my rights” she adamantly decides, but the question which runs in her mind is how will she do it? How will she get out of this trap and what about the notorious society which will naturally make her look like an accuse in all of this?

She didn’t know what to do and how to go about it, the right choice currently seemed was confrontation. She wanted to confront her husband, to talk to him and to know about his views and his feelings. She wanted both of them to get rid of each other.

Somehow, she gathered all her courage the next day and went to confront her husband. His reaction was something which was least expected; He showed no remorse or any regret. In fact it seemed as he was feeling quite proud about his infidelity. He laughed at her and mocked her. He was surprised that she hadn’t realised as of now that their marriage was just a lie, a lie for the society to cherish and enjoy.

He just gave her one reply, “You will be destroyed after leaving me, this world will never accept you as it is, so your choice.”

Her confused, lonely and insecure self then made her take decisions which in future she would regret.

Her mistake was that she decided to tolerate, to tolerate all the injustice thrown in her face as she found herself to be too weak and too alone to do something. Eventually her life ended just like that as she feared standing up for herself.


The Wee tales 14

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When they asked for dowry for the first time, she saw the glimpse in their eyes where they were promising her a torturous life. She ignored all the symptoms at that time. After few days she realized that agreeing to the marriage had been her worst choice.


The Wee tales 13

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Seeing her exs picture she cried. He was smiling so bright. The fact that their partition didn’t affect him a bit shattered her from inside. Little did she know that sometimes even the brightest smiles lie.

The Versatile bloggers award

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Thankyou Erika for nominating me for this challenge.

These are some things about me that I could think of while writing 😛

  1. I smile a lot and at times, it gets creepy.
  2. I cannot stop binging on desserts.
  3. I cannot say NO and I am trying hard to change that.
  4. I don’t like any kind of makeup, it makes me feel uncomfortable.
  5. I feel really happy and satisfied with my life right now. I’ve learnt the fact that the secret of life is to not strain yourself and to just enjoy what you are doing.
  6. I don’t like to watch TV, the set actually lives up to its name, The idiot box.
  7. This will be difficult to digest but I have no songs in my phone.
  8. I can turn a simple conversation into a philosophical banter without even trying. It comes naturally to me.
  9. All my wee tales are written in a bus.
  10. I am an overly optimistic person; I find it to be my most powerful weapon. I try to impose my optimism on people around but life taught me that this is something one can gain only by experience because experience taught me.  “Your adversities are your advantage; your past has built muscles not wounds.”

I am not nominating anyone. It is a boring task 😛

The Wee tales 12

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She was forced to mature early as the bunch of traffickers kidnapped her childhood.

The Wee tales 11

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The infamous cricket match made the two villages stop, it was seen as a criteria to prove their dominance in front of all. This caused the competition to be fierce. Boys played and the girls cheered. Somehow, one teams player connected with the other teams cheer. Their heart joined though the villagers would see it as a terrible crime.Their bravery made them hold hands one day, unfortunately the elders caught them and they were dead the next day.

On the match day, the scoreboard said,

The Wee tales 10

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She abstained herself from all the delicacies of life, getting a perfect figure had become her reluctant choice but then one day the right arrived.He accepted her with all her flaws making her realize that the one worth it will be beyond all of this.