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The Power of Kindness

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After adjusting the camera of his phone for it to record his act of suicide, he was totally set to die. Options were kept ready. There was a chair just beneath the fan on which the rope was tied, he also kept a bottle of rat poison aside and a well sharpened knife was kept inside his pocket, just in case, only if the other two methods fail. He went and stood on the chair, waved at the camera and pointed the rat poison in his left hand and the knife in his right pocket. He then adjusted the rope properly inside his neck; he wanted success in the first attempt itself. Before pushing the chair aside, he started speaking his last words,

“I am dying; I don’t wish to live anymore! I am tired of betrayals and lies; this world is full of selfish, disgusting and ruthless people. I HATEEE YOUUU ALLL, ALL OF YOUU WHO BROKE MY HEART! Till yesterday, I was waiting just for one act of kindness, just one, to change my mind, but No, no kindness at all, In fact, some bastard stole my wallet. My wife cheated on me, at work my co-workers bully me, I want all of your’ll to rot in hell and…”

Ting-Tong, Ting-Tong

What timing, he murmured and got down his chair. He went to answer the door-bell for the last time in his life. There stood a courier drop-man; he handed over the package to him. He signed the respective papers and opened the package. Inside the package was his lost wallet. Somebody had bothered to return his wallet back; he stared at the wallet for a while and smiled.

He then went inside his room, just to get ready and leave for his office, but before leaving for his office, he made sure to mail his resignation letter and also to text his wife that he wants a divorce.

While getting inside the elevator, he smirked and said. “Let’s move on”.


Beauty, perception and it’s unusual connection.

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Little did I know that the days will get so worse and so sad. I did know that I am nowhere near pretty or even standard looking but I didn’t know that my face will be the book of my character. It feels bad, you know, somewhere it pinches very subtly but very harshly. The problem here is that I can’t do anything about it, I am just so impotent. I cannot scrub my skin off or change my face structure; it is real life for god’s sake, not some virtual game where we can customize ourselves, though, I hope we could.

I know, I am cribbing a lot, but it is all that frustration bottled up inside me which is bubbling out. I was not like this before; self pity was not my style but eventually in this period of many years, I somehow ended up making it my style. I don’t know how and when this happened but it just happened. All these years of being isolated and being judged did quite good to me by bringing me kgs of insecurity and pain, but I am glad that I am changing; I am looking at the world through a new perspective and that is because of this one incident,

When I met this young girl, she was really pretty, I would define her exactly how cliché novels describe their main characters. We were just casually conversing on some topic but in between our conversations somewhere I just blurted my jealousy out and it was embarrassing, but the next moment when she opened her mouth, she annoyed me, SO MUCH.

She had the nerve to say, ‘Beauty doesn’t matter, what all is inside matters’

“Well, with a face like that, nothing will matter to you”, I grumbled and just left.

I was rude, I know but in my defense, I was forced to be so.

After few months, I heard that she suffered from an acid attack. Some random stranger fell in love with her, she didn’t reciprocate and hence, as a gift he gave her a distorted face. It disturbed me somewhere, and got me thinking, is beauty a blessing or a curse? I was so confused. Each of my assumptions were being changed by different perceptions.

And just after few days,

One afternoon, my bell rang. I wasn’t expecting anybody that day.

Opening the door, I saw a beautiful big bouquet having Lavenders and lilies lying on the floor, both my favourite. I had never in my life received anything as such, I wondered, if they are from the guy at the gym I have been crushing on since a long time. There was a note, I unfolded it happily. I was so excited.

Dear Kaya,

Remember me? Rhea? You might be thinking, why I wrote a letter to you, well, even I am thinking the same. Thanks to all the ear to ear gossip, I assume you already know what happened with me, No sympathy please! I just wanted to say, Now that I am not beautiful, we can continue our old conversation again, I am ready to defend my perception now!


Her letter titillated something inside me and made me think that she is still beautiful infact much more; as she has her self confidence directly applied on her face.

Work of Fiction.

Sometimes the past comes back, just for revenge.

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“Mumma, let’s go!”

“Where?” Sonali asked her son, Dev.

Dev pointed out towards the stalls where they were selling these indigenous dolls.

Sonali laughed at her son and took him there; she was surprised seeing the fascination of her son towards these dolls. It was quite unlikely of him; he usually preferred Airplanes and cars to play with.

Dev was looking at each one of them so closely and so carefully, Sonali couldn’t help but imagine only if he would study his textbooks so closely and carefully, suddenly, her eyes went back, behind the stalls. There was this huge well which made her shivered. She blinked her eyelids and remembered the area where she is now. She was terrified.

She tightly grasped Dev’s hand, and ordered him to come with her, “Let’s go Dev, we shouldn’t be here”

Dev looked at his mother with sheer anger in his eyes, he was fuming.

Sonali raised her eyebrows at him; she had never experienced this brand new anger of Dev, He never got angry, but she couldn’t care any less. She just snatched the doll from his hand and took him away.

He started rebelling, shouting and crying! Sonali looked at her son, what is wrong with him she thought.

“What are doing Dev? We’re at a public place, JUST BEHAVE” she shouted him.

“I won’t go until and unless we buy that doll” Dev said, pointing at the same doll his mother snatched away from him.

Sonali sighed; she never denied Dev anything, so she went back to the stall and picked the doll which Dev wanted, the doll had an evil grin which made Sonali feel uneasy. She didn’t appreciate the way the doll was looking at her! So she tried to bargain with Dev,

“Son, why do you want this ugly doll? We can buy some other doll”

“No! DARE YOU CALL HER UGLY MOTHER, She is the strongest and the prettiest, but yeah, you will never get it, only if you would have got it…”

She didn’t understand what was Dev implying but as she wanted to get away from this place as soon as possible, she didn’t argue much. She paid for the creepy doll and just left.

When she reached back to her in-laws home where she was currently staying, she rushed to find Anurag, her husband.

“Anurag, you won’t believe, what happened today” she shrieked,

“What’s wrong honey? He asked, sensing the behaviour of his wife.

“We shouldn’t have come back over here, I saw that well today, I am terrified” she replied.

“Ha-ha! My silly woman, It has been years since that incident and it’s not something new, it keeps happening here” he consoled.

“Yeah, you’re right! I am just over reacting.” She replied.

At the same time, Dev came inside the room, he looked at his parents and showed them the doll and asked, Dad? Mom? Do your’ll recognize Ananya?

Anurag and Sonali both exchanged glances, they were appalled.

Anurag asked Dev, “Why did you name her Ananya, son? Why not Aaliya, it’s much more cute”

Dev sourly replied, “Because, It’s her name and you both shouldn’t poke your nose in her business, you both have already done enough, now it’s her chance!”

Sonali took a deep breath and took a step backward; Anurag held her hand tightly and shouted at Dev, asking him to go out.

“Why is he talking like this? How did he come to know?” asked Sonali with fear in her eyes.

“I don’t know, possibly his grandpa is feeding him with stories, I will talk to dad” replied Anurag

“You better” said Sonali and then they both went to catch some sleep.

It was around 2:30am, when Sonali opened her eyes, she was thirsty. She reluctantly got up and went to the kitchen; she could hear murmurs and whispers from Dev’s room. She opened his bedroom door.

Anurag abruptly got up from his slumber, he could hear noises downstairs, and he looked here and there! He blamed it on his imagination and again drifted off to sleep but within few minutes, he heard a loud cry of pain. He was petrified. He looked to his side, and Sonali was missing. He stood up quickly, his heart was beating loudly! He urgently picked up his cricket bat just in case he had to attack the intruders in his house, he walked slowly. As he began walking, he felt that somebody was behind him, He didn’t stop neither did he turn back, he just kept walking following the noise. His hands were trembling as he grasped onto the metal doorknob of Devs bedroom, but before opening the bedroom he took his cell phone and dialled 100.

As soon as he opened the door, He shouted loudly! He dropped hard on his knees; his heart was on fire seeing the love of his life in ashes, on the floor was lying his wife! Her hands and limbs were broken brutally, her intestines were pulled out! He couldn’t look at the scene! The blood pool around him just got bigger and bigger and finally reached his feet and that is when he realized that the killer would be still there and what about his son, but before he could react, he was on the ground.

He felt a sharp pain as if somebody slashed his back, the pain shot up through his body forcing out a scream. In the process of falling, he managed to hold his phone in his hand and shout HELP! Please! And then he again felt the slash and that is when he lost all his hope. He could feel his last breath but somehow he managed to turn around and look at his attackers face! IT WAS HIS SON, his own flesh and blood, His eyes showed hatred, anger and disgust! In his hand was his doll, before Anurag could contemplate the scene, he was long gone!

Police arrived in a while, they broke the door open! Both Sonali and Anurag were dead; it was visible that they were brutally killed, but Dev, he was very much alive sleeping peacefully hugging his doll tightly in his arms in his blood soaked clothes.

The CCTV footage showed how Dev had killed them both and as he was really young, he was kept under observations. The doctors found his mental condition to be unstable.

Three years later, Dev leaked out some secrets which he was holding ever since his parent’s death.

“How are you Dev?” his therapist, Manali asked him in her usual calm but happy tone.

“I know who killed them” He replied, fiddling his fingers. He was sniffing.

Manali knew Dev killed them but she wanted to know what was going inside his head, so she asked him, “Who?”

“My sister” He said.

Manali was confused, “you don’t have any sister dear”

“Not anymore, my mom and dad killed her as soon as she was born, she was thrown into that well, the well behind the stall” he replied coldly with anger in his eyes.

“What are you talking about Dev?” She asked fearfully

“Here, meet my sister Ananya, My bua kept her name so, Its a beautiful name, Isn’t it?” He handed over the doll to Manali.

“Yes, it is Dev but She is a doll not your sister, I hope you understand” she said.

“No, she has the spirit of my sister! She was killed by my parents when she took birth just because she was a girl” Dev said.

Manali looked at the doll closely; she could see the victorious grin on her face! She was scared but she tried to maintain her calm posture.

“Why will they kill her?” Manali asked

“Everybody has obsession with boys, especially in our culture! They don’t love girls! They don’t like god’s creation equally, you know what, I personally feel that THEY DESERVED IT, Everybody who does this, deserves this” replied Dev.

 My first fiction here! 😛 

Only if everything would be her way!

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So, what is your religion? I asked, she smiled faintly and said, ‘I am a Human’ I chuckled at her reply and repeated my question, ‘I know my dear that you’re a human, but what religion do you belong to? Hindu, Muslim, Sikh?  She responded, ‘Umm, Humanity?’ I smiled at her and said, ‘You’re not getting my question’ She dropped her eyes and said, ‘just like others even you are not getting me.’ I narrowed my eyes at her and then gave her a big smile.

I certainly did understand what she was implying; I was just digging in more to see how fascinating and how much more heart warming her replies can get, but she did leave me pensive for quite a while, it was not her implications though which did this task rather it was she, the innocent 32year old woman, who the world considers to be ‘mentally disabled.’

I met her in a Ngo named Advitya, It is a creative learning school for the grown mentally disabled kids. See the oxymoron there? Grown and kids in the same statement? Well, that is how it literally was. She was a grown up, I found her pretty smart too, but the question here arises that why was she considered as mentally disabled, it was not as if she couldn’t work her way out, she was perfectly able to do her own chores, then why? The real reason here was that she was way too naive to understand the evils of this world; her innocence was way too good for this cruel environment. She was different; she was unable to understand the complex structure that we humans have created. She firmly believed in simple living. Humanity was her way, but that wasn’t accepted by the majority in our so called ‘normal’ society. So, she was separated and tagged as a disabled.

a a2


See the pictures, I have attached with this write up. It is written by her! Just read it once, ponder upon it and for once, try to feel what would world be like, if things would be simpler, if everything would be her way!

-Preeti Asthana